"Rob is a terrific guide" Mya, Belgium

"Rob is humorous and professional. The tours were useful and interesting" Xiao hua Xi, China

"Great trips and outstanding Robbie's job in explaining complicated details from English history" Beata, Poland

"Rob was brilliant" Jean, Catalonia

"Rob was a great tour guide - big thanks to him" Sylvia, Germany

"It was great" Serkan, Turkey

"It was great" Kornelia, Poland

"They were great. They helped us to enlarge our cultural knowledge" Paulina, Poland

"So interesting" Sonia, Cataolnia

"It is interesting and unforgettable" Maria, China

"Very nice - thanks to Rob" Gabriele, Austria

"Vivid and impressive" Xia Hanging, China

Alina, Romania
Rob is a gifted narrator. Due to his presentation of the places I found the sites even more beautiful

Marisa, Italy
Rob is a brilliant and cultured person. He has an excellent knowledge of the history of England.

Butoiu, Romania
Places we've visited are astoundingly beatuiful and thanks to Rob we've had amazing stories about them.

Laura, Spain
Rob the guide is amazing, he knows a lot and he explains everything very clearly.

Natalijia, Latvia
I would praise our guide Rob for his interesting tours and would be ready to listen to him much longer.

Adrienne, France
Rob is a very good guide. His English is easy to understand and his explantions are very interesting

Albina, Czech Republiuc
Perfect excursions with Rob. He's brilliant.

Kryston, Poland
Rob couldn't have been better

Ludmilla, Romania
Thanks to Rob we had amazing stories

Marta, Spain
Rob did a fabulous job

Rosa, Spain
Fantastic. I loved Rob's explanations.

Suhenden, Turkey
Rob has givenm us information about history. He is perfect.

Angel, Spain
Rob is an excellent guide

Ana-Isabel, Spain
So interesting that I couldn't miss any

Snezana, Serbia

Mireia, Spain
Rob is a great guide. He told us a lot of interesting historical information and anecdotes.

Caterine, France

Olga, Spain
Grerat! Rob is very good at explaining hitsorical facts in a very vivid way. Petra, Czech Republic
Rob is a very funny guide.

Dominique, France
Rob is very funny.

Jesus, Spain
During the tours Rob did a great job. He was very expressive and it seems that he has a vast cultural knowledge.

Henna, Czech Republic

Esra Ali, Turkey
The trip to Stratford was perfect.

Matthias, Germany
It was really interesting with an expert guide who can tell stories like no other.

Barbara, Poland
Rob is amazing! He is a walking encyclopaedia full of anecdotes and historical facts which he presents in an absolutely amusing way.

Giuseppina, Italy
I love them. They helped me improve my English and knowledge of English culture.

Kirtsen, Germany
Rob is a very entertaining guide

Victor Miguel, Spain
They were absolutely wonderful

Carmen, Spain
Very interesting. 10 out of 10

Mette, Denmark
Rob is an excellent guide

Zsuzsanna, Hungary
Rob is a very good guide

Estria, Estonia
Rob is very engaging thank You!

Lotus, Romania
His presentations are clear, memorable and full of enthusiasm

Matlik, Estonia
Rob is a very good storyteller

Giulietta, Italy
Interesting! Rob is brilliant!

Lena, Czech
Rob is a fantastic guide

Maria Giovanna, Italy
Rob is a very nice and he said a lot of interesting things

Zita, Hungary
I loved them

Montserrat, Spain
They were very interesting and funny

Roberto, Spain
I liked them a lot!! I really enjoyed the excursions and visits we did.

Cristina, Spain
Very interesting and funny

Silvia, Spain
Rob has always been very kind

Fatima, Spain
It was well organised and Rob makes a great guide and it is also great listening to him speaking and understanding everything!

Cretu, Romania
Rob is a brilliant guide

Maria Paz, Spain
They are very good and complete

Leyla, Ukraine
They were amazing! The way all the historical background was given made me think history is not a bad subject!

Alessandra, Italy
I really appreciated Rob as a guide: he conveys serious contents in a simple attractive, even funny way.

Emilia, Greece
I found Rob really friendly and willing to answer all our questions.

Brigitte, France
Rob was terrific!

Rejhana, Croatia
I liked Rob's tours, he is really great.

Rabla, Turkey
Thank you Rob!

Margarita, Spain
Rob, you have an elephant's memory!!

Armi, Finland
Rob was a delight to listen to.

Pille, Estonia
Rob is a very good tour guide indeed!

Maria Teresa, Spain
They were lovely because Rob was a great guide so I could know better the different places.

Anisoara, Romania
Instructive, very informative and presented in one of the most spectacular way by Rob.

Chelaru, Romania
Rob's stories are wonderful and he is a great story-teller.

Anna, Poland
The trips with Rob were excellent. He is a wonderful tour guide.

Yasemin, Turkey
They were really exciting, Rob was really nice and helpful and enjoyable.